If your project is insane you need psychoboys  

contstruction, fabrication, restoration, replication, decoration, lighting, magic, mechanics, computer imagry, sound, music, model making, set design, research, film, television, stage, habitats, installations, building, structures, interior decor.

We do all the things that are way too unusual for anyone else.

And we'll try and do it in the most environmentally sustainable and cost effective way using recycled material wherever possible.

From Art to science, Psychoboys turn your insanity into physical reality
Contact Dr. Andrew Panda in South Australia on 0405 111 725 or email Dr.Panda(at)all-electric.com  

Galleries of insane projects


Home renovation


Colaborative project with AEK


Colaborative project with AEK


Colaborative project with AEK

    Psychoboys can't do the impossible but they just might be able to give you the illusion of it. Dr. Panda has 30 years experience working in the building and construction industries. He is a historian and refers to himself as a student of orthodoxy. Which is the study of methodology and reasoning. He has scoured the old world in search of technology that has been all but forgotten so he might bring them back to be applied the world of today. He has also developed some unique techniques of his own that set his work apart.
    An artist and craftsperson who is widely skilled in many disciplines. Dr. Panda has worked, not only in stage and screen set design and construction, but is also a seasoned stage manager and knows more than a little about acting. If it's interesting, creative and unusual, Dr. Panda can do it. And if Dr. Panda can't, one of his highly skilled colleagues can. He can restore ancient and antique furniture using techniques adapted from the era, or as we've been doing here at AEK, building a science fiction nightmare decor for the studio and laboratory.
    The pictures and projects presented here for reference, are only a small sample of Psychoboys work. Just the things I had on hand and mainly the work we've been doing together here at AEK. However I'll add more as the material becomes available.

And what's with the psycho name?
    By. Batz Goodfortune

    Dr. Andrew Panda use to get called "Psychoboy." because of a supposed and erroneously diagnosed mental condition. The people who called him "Psychoboy" were supposedly his friends but who were in fact far more psycho than Dr. Panda ever was. Drunks and Drug fiends who couldn't even start their day without a beer over breakfast and half a dozen cones. And while they told the world that they were looking after 'Poor Dr. Panda,' in reality, Dr. Panda had become their slave and whipping boy. Who's opinions, needs and condition was treated with the same level of respect given to a noxious weed.
    Perhaps his nicknamed should have been Cinderella, but Cinderella only had a couple of ugly bull dyke step sisters. She didn't have to endure a group of incompetent, low IQ, drug addled sociopaths who were all far more psycho than Dr. Panda ever was. So the term "Psychoboy" is one of extreme irony. A very dark in-joke. We decided that if these people considered themselves "normal" and passed themselves off as fine, upstanding citizens, then we'd much rather be Psycho.
The sad truth is that Dr. Panda has been used and abused for the past 15 odd years. Misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated by the medical profession and used and abused by people who called themselves his friends. In the Mid 80s, he was the manager of a building maintenance firm. He was responsible for many of the biggest buildings in Adelaide. He was once haled a hero when the windows in the city's largest building began shattering. Were it not for Dr. Panda's quick thinking, the ultra sharp dagger-like shards would have rained down on the lunch time crowd below like bullets.
    He was a rare beast in the building industry. A works manager who everyone actually liked. He would employ people who would otherwise never be given a chance and was a strategy that paid off handsomely. He made millions for the owners of the company and was destined for bigger things. But like the windows in the StateBank building, his life was shattered when work and stress saw him have a nervous breakdown. Working normal hours and on-call 24/7 in case of emergencies, he lost so much sleep that one day they found him delusional and in danger on a building site. But his problems were only just starting.
    That was when he fell into the clutches of Dr. Karl. A registered shrink who's had more than his fair share of malpractice suits. I can't figure why this shrink hasn't been struck off the medical register. I met Dr. Karl myself once about the turn of the century. I was only in his company for 60 seconds at most and I had an almost overwhelming desire to punch his lights out. And I'm a pacifist by nature. An obnoxious little man who thinks he's channeling the spirit of Siegmond Freud and Dr. Mengler all at once. But Dr. Panda was in a bad way at the time and with the drugs Dr. Karl pumped him full of, it made sure he stayed that way for the next 15 years.
    He diagnosed Dr. Panda as having "rapid cycling bi-polar disorder." A condition that doesn't actually exist. Pumping Dr. Panda with ever increasing doses of ever more toxic substances which everyone could see was having an inversely proportional effect. Everyone except Dr. Karl and Dr. Panda that is. Dr. Karl because he had a nice little cash cow going. Dr. Panda because he was now so out of it he couldn't remember what life use to be like anyway.
    Dr. Panda's living circumstances changed and as luck would have it, this also meant he had to change shrinks. Dr. Panda finally escaped the menace of Dr. Karl and into the care of Dr. Jeff. Who was rightly freaked when he looked at the list of medication. 28 in all. Taken daily. Many of which were contra indicated. Which means, no-one in their right mind would prescribe them to be taken together at the same time. The combinations can kill you. Not to mention the near lethal doses of some other medication he was prescribed. More 'Over' than 'Dose.' Enough to make a lesser man very sick. Very sick indeed.
    Little wonder then that by this time, Dr. Panda had several very serious conditions. One of which caused him to be unable to keep anything in his stomach long enough to digest it. They had to prescribe his "MEDICATION" to be taken intravenously because he couldn't even keep pills down. And because of his supposed mental condition, this too was misdiagnosed for 3 years. That is, until finally he vomited so hard he tore his stomach in half. Only then, after emergency surgery, did anyone realize that it was actually caused initially by a simple hernia. A condition which is common for people who have worked in the building trade.
    After 15 years, Dr. Panda is now starting to recover some of his life although he still suffers the effects and the damage is done. No-one wants him back in the building trade because he's too hard to insure so he's struck out on his own. And together with his associates, He can manufacture or build almost anything.
    Dr. Panda has done some exemplary work over the years and I'll try and represent some of it here. As and when I get photos. As well as photos of collaborative projects and a gallery of our friend's crazy and inspired projects. If you have an unusual project or need something unusual made, please consider giving Dr. Panda the work. A talent like Dr. Panda's shouldn't go to waste.