Growing Nernies



    Ceilings are boring places. That's why I decided to stick shit all over mine. Actually that "SHIT" is a growing amount of alien technology including the small cold-fusion reactor you can see glowing in these rare shots. I'll try to figure out how to get a better shot of this stuff in the future but the camera just flairs out badly with the light. If I turn the light off, you can't see anything at all.
    Once again I have to thank Dr. Panda and Psychoboys engineering for installing the new ceiling and insulation materials. I couldn't have done that without him. But then we thought it was a bit stark.
    Dr. Panda showed me how to make molds with various materials and I did some experimentation of my own using polystyrene and fiberglass. The thing about this is that we tend to find interesting shapes within packaging materials. Blister packs and the likes. So we can now use these as molds to clone those shapes into new sci-fi-esk nernies. Even the odd piece of useful equipment.
    Once again, this is a work in progress. Out in the engineering space we've got shelves full of nernies in various states of completion ready to be installed. I'm not sure if I'm going for a sci-fi interior look or maybe the outside of some space station or space ship. I just like the shapes we create though. I'm not kidding. Some of these shapes get me really aroused when I see them accumulating. That can't be right.
    I'd been looking at the way space ship modelers do their thing for sci-fi movies and I really wanted to do stuff like that. Just that I've got absolutely, not reason to do it. Except on my ceiling perhaps. Some of the gear is pure decoration. Others are actually functional equipment with entirely practical purposes. And somewhere, buried in amongst all of it is a real live self destruct system which I hope I never have to use.
    As usual, more shots as I add more gear. The unfortunate reality is that much of the work that Dr. Panda and I have done here goes unseen. The hot air extraction system that Dr. Panda designed has lots of cool moving parts which are remote controlled but because it's in the roof, you can't actually see it do it's stuff.

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