Not really a secret. Or if it was, the secret's out now. Actually it was a solution to a space problem. The question was this.
    "How can a rack of cables and a bookshelf occupy the same space at the same time?"
    That is to say, without needing a TARDIS or some other Dr. Who paraphernalia. Once again Psychoboys to the rescue. Dr. Panda's solution, and a rather brilliant one at that. Not only was there more room for books and papers than before, but also twice as much room for cables to hang.
    As you can see from the first 3 photos, the book case swings out. Dr. Panda developed a special hinge upon which it can swing and slip outwards so as to allow for expansion and contraction. And to allow for any give or unevenness in it's surroundings. The opposite end runs on two sets of rollers which are angled to prove the right arc against the hinge. The opposite corner to the hinge runs in a small lubricated track and helps pull it back into place when closed. Despite it's weight and the weight of all the books, it opens effortlessly.
    The entire structure was build out of recycled materials. The hardware such as hinges and tracks were custom made for the job. The photos are a little out of date and show the work in progress. It's designed to fit into AEK's industrial/sci-fi decor. The StarTrek-esk panel on the side is nothing more than a small fluoro tube which illuminates some lighting gel and some specially printed decals. It wasn't meant to emulate a StarTrek set as such but it's similar in concept to the way some of the StarTrek sets were made. It also serves the purpose of providing just a little light in the room when all the other lights are off or low.
    The photos are taken with my crappy little camera which don't do it justice. The camera just makes it look a blurred mess. So I've included a small copy of some of the graphics used below. As well as some other shots as best I could get.
    I did the displays and nernies. Dr. Panda did all the hard work. The structural design and planning and came up with the very original solution to the problem. Once again I'm indebted to the construction genius of Dr. Panda and Psychoboys engineering.

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