Dubbed "the Halls of Valhalla" because of it's hugely long carport, this is one of Dr. Panda's on-going house renovation projects. The owner couldn't find anyone else who was prepared to tackle such a tricky location let alone able to do it all in antique/recycled timber.
    The buick isn't actually part of the deal. Though that IS an entirely separate restoration project that Dr. Panda is working on for Pete. (the owner of both the property and the car.) Before Dr. Panda's arrival, the carport consisted of a fairly standard metal and zinc-alum type which just couldn't take the strain. Dr. Panda replaced the metal beams and uprights with wooden ones. All recycled and pre-tempered timber of a quality you just can't buy new. The structure should last at least another 50 years before any maintenance is required.
    Likewise with the interiors. Dr. Panda used recycled materials chosen for their quality and durability. But in this case, also for the way they scrub up. The ceilings and patio doors were also designed and hand made from scratch to exactly suit the owner's wishes.
    The photos were taken at various stages of completion. More photos will be added when I can obtain some better quality shots. << home | < Previous | Next >