Vi: updated space faerie character

Vi was one of the first characters and was never rigged properly. I was doing some animations and needed a couple of pilots. So I updated and rigged Vi so she could fly a tear drop into battle with a TIGG mother ship.

She doesn't bend real well because of the way I caged the sub-patched space suit. I'll have to work on that but it's a bugger of a job.
    Her name is pronounced "Vee-Eye". As in the two letters of her name. In my never ending quest for character names this was the best I could come up with at the time. Perhaps I should name her Vi3. As in L33t. But I draw the line at having characters called L33t and H4xor.

Battle ready and about to fly into destiny

Nearly shitting in her space suit as she realizes what that destiny might be. Faeries rarely die. Except in battle.