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The real brains behind AEK
Teddy Bear
AEK's mascot. Teddy is a female (Not male despite her name) pedigree long hair chihuahua.

TeddyBear does the accounts
TeddyBear does the accounts
Teddy Bear is the real brains behind AEK. She plans the strategies and decides what music we play. She even does the books and asks for nothing more than a goodo in return. Here she is playing the stock market on the internet. Living proof that on the net, no-one knows you're a dog.
TeddyBear the pocket monster
It's a little known fact that Teddy Bear was the inspiration behind the pokemon animated cartoon series. And was actually one of the technical directors on the movie. Here she is reviewing some of the day's rushes during the shooting of the movie.
Teddy in her modelling days
Teddy in her modelling days
Before she became a famous music composer, Teddy use to be a glamourous international model.
Relaxing after a long week. More of her friends
Relaxing after a long week.
After a long week writing software and searching the web, Teddy likes to kick back on the weekend with some of her friends.
A reputation for sleeping round
A reputation for sleeping around
Teddy denies strenuously that she'll sleep in anyone's bed but we have the photos to prove it.
More from her modelling days
Another Model photo
Teddy waits to go out on the Cat... err.... Dog-walk.
In command of Moon Base
Teddy In command of Moon Base
Teddy Leads a double life working as part time moonbase commander. Highly trained, SHADO has no more problems with cats.