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I've been threatening to do this for a while but I've got the slack real bad. A friend ask me if I could post the old UFO theme cover I did and not being one to disappoint, I looked round the old UFO haunts but alas, it's not there any longer. Someone even made a film clip to it at one time but I don't know what the story is on that.

So what I've done here is create a general sort of music download page here and we'll see if I can use up all my disk quota.

--For now I've just included what I could find in the way of MP3s. It's mainly the last stuff I worked on. I haven't done anything much in the past few years. There seems little point. Whilst everyone seems to be concerned with the RIAA suing their customers and how they rip everyone off to feed their addiction, much less attention is paid to the effort they put into preventing all but their sanctioned porn stars from getting any shelf space in record stores. And now that they've killed off, it's all a bit onesided.

--Sometimes I still feel like dusting off the studio but mostly it's all just too much effort for too little return. I don't even get credit where credit is due. Let alone earn any kind of living. And there's not much point in making music for the future. Coz all indications are, the world hasn't actually got one.

So here then is some music. Enjoy it at your peril.


Writen by Barry Gray
Cover of the theme to the 1968 Sci-Fi classic of the same name.

Writen by Batz Goodfortune
The story of Eugene Shoemaker. A geologist with NASA who was supposed to go to the moon but didn't. So when he was killed in the Australian outback on an expedition, NASA bottled him up and stuck him on the lunar prospector space ship and dumped him there. How romantic. Now Gene is the man in the moon.

Writen by Batz Goodfortune
Vocals: René Schmitz
This song literally came to me in a dream. I woke up, raced out to the studio and began recording it. Everything you hear in the song is pretty much as I heard it in the dream. The only problem was the authentic German person doing the vocals. Fortunately René stepped up and even translated the poem into German.
It's losely about being ADD or ADHD. Stairing into space and daydreaming. The space man.

Writen by Batz Goodfortune
Not much I can say about this that hasn't already been said. Except. Buy the fucking albumif you wanna hear what ithe whole thing sounds like.