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I live well and I'm free but when I die my art dies with me.
It's not much that's true, but all the same, FUCK YOU!
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Not that I give a shit.
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Please note: For leagal reasons it should be assumed that everything on this site is said in jest and is therefor not the truth. But then again, it just might be.
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Daily Work Bench

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I'm working on a revised method of automatically snapping the work bench each day. I have a web cam. Now all I have to do is figure out how to automate it and then get it put on the web site each day

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A reasonable shot of MWOWM. The alien technology super computer. AEK is the only place outside of Dobbstown to have one. We built it ourselves from plans given to us by the Xists themselves. It is not as big or powerful as the one in Dobbstown but alien parts are a bit difficult to find down here.


I would like to thank these people without whom AEK could not function. Over the years these people have supported AEK and continue to do so with selfless acts of kindness and support.
  • Eric Barbour (METASONIX) Synth, Electronics and Vacuum Tube technology.
  • Andrew Critchley Our very own Bob the builder.
  • Ben Hughes Computer systems. A true BOFH.
  • Doktor Oscar (The Ratcave) Music, spiritual matters and head alingments.
  • Paul Perry (FROSTWAVE) Synth, electronics and systems.
  • Roman Sowa Synth electronics and manfacturing.
AEK could also not function with out the help and generosity of the SynthDIY group. A consortium of the world's best electronic muisic instrument craftspersons. Of which I am humbled to be a member. (Archives and links)



Letter from a dying planet

    I hate everything but I'll love you to death. I am evil. Friendly but evil. My mission in life is to fuck everyone on the planet. I am not human. Ever had sex with a yeti? Don't knock it till you've tried it. No-one can claim I don't give a shit. I've got a bucket of shit right here and you're welcome to have some. You can put it on your garden or use it to make your penis grow. Hey whatta ya think is in those pills they SPAM about anyway? That's right. Yeti shit.
    I don't give a fuck about the RIAA or MPAA. Or any of those people who represent the commercial sewers. If I wanted to listen to shit I'd stick a turd in my ear. Gimme your home grown and meaningful electro-funk tek-shit. Gimme the porn you recorded in your bedroom late at night. Gimme the pictures you took of interesting stuff. You're weird science. Anything but that Hollywood commercial vomit. I don't even want it if it's free.
    If you really wanna piss off the RIAA, don't listen to their shit. Don't buy it. It's not like it's your only choice. Don't even recognize it as worthy of taking a dump on. Support real artists. Not some assholes in suits. But I don't give a fuck what you do. You're human. You probably can't help it.
Nature... The animal kingdom if you like. Life on Earth. It had to evolve a semi intelligent species. Probably all planets that evolve life do. Humans, particularly religious humans, ask what is their purpose in life. Why are we here? Intelligence is the logical extension of life's evolution. It's purpose is to protect and extend the range of all the species of a planet. To protect against threats which extend beyond the immediate environment. Which cannot be adapted for over a few hundred millennia though physical evolution alone. Threats such as the Sun's continual expansion. Or more immediate threats such as planet killing asteroids. That's why humans have evolved. That's what the intelligence is all about. That's why we're here. We're here for the benefit of all living things on the planet.

Doin' a good job aren't we?

    For some reason I get this mental picture of a pride of lions in Africa. Eeking out a bare existence in some of the Earth's last habitable environment for them, and thinking. "We certainly picked the wrong fucking species there. Man did we blow it. We should have just eaten the fuckers while we had the chance. At least they wouldn't have raped our habitats before we got wiped out."
I had a program for BOSH98 that was a kind of process manager. This is built into WINK and you can just kill a process under linux but you need a 3rd party APP to do it in BOSH. It calls up a list of running processes. You can change attributes of these processes like registering them as a service etc. But you have two main choices. You can kill a task or restart it. This is useful for when a process is stuck or crashed. if it won't restart of it's own, this thing will force it out of memory no matter what, kill it and restart it.
I wish I could do that with my life. Just restart the fucking thing. And preferably restart it on a whole new planet.
I don't want to do what typical humans do. I don't want a typical human relationship. I don't want to live how typical humans live. And I don't want to be surrounded by typical humans. And unfortunately, on this planet, it seems there's only one way out of that. And even if there was a kind faerie who came and rescued me, I couldn't escape the nightmares and flashbacks accumulated in the decades of living on this shit ball.
I think I reached a point of anxiety last night where I realized I no longer cared what humans do. I don't care about Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly. I don't care what Dubbya does. I don't care what war the Christians and the Muslims wage. I don't care if terrorists plant a bomb up my ass and kill me. I don't care if some nazi-esk police force drag me off in the night never to be seen again. It doesn't matter. These are the people who would accuse me of being stereotypical. They'd claim they had my number even though they don't know my name. They don't know me but they think they know it all so they think they know my kind. Yet they're way more typical than I could ever be. Dubbya and all those assholes are going to do what they've always done. Howard is the same. The Left wing is going to fart around like they've always done. Humans are going to do what they've always done. They're going to fight their wars and make themselves rich and oppress the poor and the weak and the stupid. And all I really need to know is how to survive without being attacked by them. And be the best parasite I can. Since that's all there is left to be.
All of these people are like one of those comedy shows that really only have one joke. Usually about a french guy called Weewee who's always going to the toilet and saying "Qui". And fond of telling everyone how he's searching for "A Penis." Till the baffled walk-on characters realize he's actually saying "Happiness" in an outrageous french accent. The joke has worn thin to the point of being threadbare. It's the same joke they've been using for at least two thousand years and it wasn't that funny back then either.
And like any failing comedy, the only way they're going to improve ratings now is by killing off a few of the stars of the show in spectacular fashion. 9/11 had me hooked on the show for a while but the re-make of the gulf war really wasn't as good as the original.
To be honest. Half the time I don't know who or what you're talking about with these clowns and generally don't care. It's like they're all clones of each other. Like someone higher up in the hierarchy of each country says. "We have a vacancy for a Rush Limbaugh we need to fill. So we have our Allan Jones and John Laws. Buggered if I know who they've got in England but you can be sure they've got one. At least one. Bush is just a puppet like every other world leader. A willing puppet. A child who's having way too much fun playing with all the toys in the toy shop. Hell, he don't care how many people they kill or lives they ruin just as long as they make it go BANG one more time.
The Muslims and the Christians and all the other religious bigots are either insane, too scared about the afterlife or just peddling a hidden agenda. Or all of the above. Just keep 'em the fuck away from me.
I'm not making any assertions on the merits of laughing at this world class entertainment but right here and right now, it all seems completely pointless. And I can't be the only one that finds these players irrelevant at the core of my being. 90% of humans seem to run round and may even proclaim to be good Christians or believe in this holy war that Shrub is waging. But they all go right on doing whatever it is they were doing even if it's wrong on some level. Or on every level.

The whole world is pointless. There's only you. And you're a trillion miles away.


20080606: Like I give a shit:
Y-ellow Mutants.
      I could appologize for not updating the site in 3 year but then again I could say "Fuck you!" with somewhat more conviction. There is so much noise on so many blogs and scrawlings on the net, why add to it? But then again, even my friends don't notice this shit so why would anyone else care? Here's an idea. If you don't actually do anything worth a pinch of shit in the real world, for fuck sake don't blog about it!
    The fact is this web site and domain cost me money. Money I don't make. I budget for it but even that's a bit of a stretch on $20.00 per week. It would cost me twice as much to run a blog on here because the ISP charges money on top for things like that. I find advertising to be obnoxious so I'm not going to attempt to pay for it via that method. And PayPal and it's Swedish bankers are abhorant so I don't even want to put one of those "DONATE" shingles up on this site..
    It would be nice to think I was loved but the reality is, no-one asked me to have a web site. No more asked or wanted than Peter Garret becoming a right wing politician. Shilling for the labour party who's left wing heratage is but a memory.. A site, by the way, which is now over 10 years old. Woo fucking hoo. No-one wants my music or my art or any other damn thing I'm actually good at. Not in a world where buying an iPod like 80 million other human clones per year, carrys more social importance than the music secreted upon them. Any ol' shit will do. After all, we're not really listening anyway.
    This site therefore, is pure vanity and since I'm not an overly vane person and only have anger and bile to spit out in text form these days, I don't see the point in bothering.. It doesn't matter what one writes on the net these days, you're just going to end up as someone else's idea of a whack job. Even if you ARE actually rational..
    Fact is that by maintaining this web site I get a really wicked email system that allows me to play tricks and trace spam. Not that I see much spam these days because it's all locked down pretty well. And I can offer email networking to my friends. It's just that I can't think of a better use to put this web site to.
    Not that I'm asking for suggestions. When you're the one stumping up the funds, and doing the maintenance work I'll be open to almost anything. Until then don't ask me to do anything that might constitute work I don't enjoy. I do enough of that as it is. And after being shafted by a very large music gear retailer here for many years, doing their HTML work for fuck-all emolument, you would have to pay me at least half a shit-load just to get me look at actual HTML code again. Not to mention supply me with a bucket and a box of stemitil daily just to be able to keep my stomach contents where it belongs.
    Everyone wants to capitalize on my skills but no-one wants my art. Not that I'm vane enough to think that my art is worth a pinch of shit in this world anyway. Nor is any art truly appreciated for that matter. It only become worth something when some "vendor" can make a buck from it. That's not fucking art, that's commerce.
    But what they want from me are all my other skills and attributes. You know? The one's I don't enjoy. Like fixing computers and electronic crap. All the bullshit stuff that dumb asses can't do for themselves. No-one's calling on me to make a movie or documentary. I use to be good at that shit. No-one wants my music which I use to be even better at. My graphics are worthless. I'm not that good at it anyway. It's a lot of work for bugger all result and zero recognition. And I can't afford the computing power to render in reasonable time. Needless to say, absolutely none of what I do get's me laid. So much for sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.
    So when I figure out something worth doing with this piece of shit web site I might actually make a move. When I'm not too busy being used and abused.
    Oh there are new things on the site over the past 5 years. Not that anyone noticed. My abortive project to archive old ETI publications. Long out of print and abandoned. I put some aditional graphics up over the years. A few more characters for animations and so fourth. And if you look on the FTP site there's an animation we did for Mark Hoofnagle's "Denialism" blog. The Self persecuting Christian..
    So that's it. If you could be bothered looking round you might find the new shit. If not, don't blame me. I haven't got the time, inclination or energy to give a shit. On the other hand if you want my art, or want to at least hand me something interesting, I might even raise an eyebrow.
    Oh and I shouldn't leave this without saying a big "Get Fucked" to all my friends..

Be absolutely Icebox.