Ibutsia: The new space faerie character

Her name is Ibutsia after an ancient roman woman who was the subject of an archiological investigation. I'm not even sure how the name is spelt but it's pronounced 'Eye-boot-see-yah'. Most of my original characters were lost thanks to me accidently trashing the originals in a back-up process. There might be other copies somewhere but it's not looking good. In any case this is the first character that I've managed to get fully articulated. (Even if her knuckles are currently in the wrong place.) Character animation is hard and fairly mind numbing. Especially when you keep trashing the models that take ages to make. So I hope I don't lose this one because she actually works.

I'll probably change the eyes as they were only temporary. I have some adjusting to do on the maps and bones. But it's the best character model I've come up with so far. And hopefully a template for characters to come.

She can be serious, intelligent and skilled. A skilled technician and obviously wearing a G-suit so she's possibly a pilot or flight engineer.

But she can also be cheeky and fun loving. Having the expressions and phonemes in place means she can talk and interract. On the other hand walking is another thing. I have no idea how to do that properly other than the hard way. So that's the next problem.