This character is named after a checkout operator at the supermarket where we shop. I was desperate for unusual character names for my unusual characters when I noticed Fidanka's name badge. She informed me that it was Bulgarian in origin.
    It doesn't look all that much like her namesake but it was the best I could do from memory. I wouldn't have dared ask her to let me take a series of profiles for guides. She'd probably think the ol' fat fuck was trying to hit on her or something. Having said that, the real person is extraordinarily beautiful and I don't think any digital model could do her justice. I swoon every time I see her.
    The model it self is the most complex character model I've done so far. What isn't shown here is that she comes with a lab coat and an over coat. Long and/or flowing objects are damn difficult to model and I haven't had time to do any configuration on the full rig at the time of writing. As it is, this model took over 4 weeks to build and rig. I've incorporated a whole stream of technology I hadn't tried before.
    Fidanka is one of the scientist faeries. Professor of applied reality and a cyberpunk. Of special interest are her techno-boots. Gerry Anderson was famous for the futuristic fashions that his wife Sylvia invented for their puppets and later, the real life characters. So far, these crazy boots are the only truly warped clothing items I've come up with.
    I was looking at some Japanese "mecha" anime some time back. In particular, some scantily clad alien-esk female super-heroine type character. Some time later I noticed an ABC TV promo with three strangely dressed people wearing big fluffy leg warmers. The two ideas merged in my ADD addled brain and the boots were born.
    Finally, the large photo below is an extended version of a test print. Every time I do a character, I wonder how they'll look printed out as photos so I make up a collage of test shots and print them out. Kind of like a promo pic. Below is an expanded version of the one I did for Fidanka.