Elementary Urban Sanity
LYRICS, Track Order and Stuff

I have a jar of spiders but none of them are live.
Coz when I speak of devils, I speak in words disguised.

(1) Elementary Urban Sanity:Part 1: The environment
(2) Elementary Urban Sanity:Part 2: The night rolls in. The hatches are battened
(3) Elementary Urban Sanity:Part 3: The blanks
(4) All around the world.
(5) Micro
(6) Circling the Drain
(7) Left Brain Right Brain
(8) Machine dreaming
(9) Elementary Urban Sanity:part 4: The alien's song. (in your image)
(10) The Lobotomy of Mr. Prozac.
(11) A Life

All lyrics copyright 1996/1997. Batz Goodfortune, AEK Control. Reprinted by kind permission of the all electric kitchen music. FAIR USE

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