AEK's gallery of
gratuitous penis pictures

When reading the moring paper, the daily morning Murdoch, I use to draw pig-noses on the faces of sporting heros and other big headed, lame-assed mother fuckers. This is kinda an extension of that practice.
  • Ray Martin
    Ray "bloody" Martin
    A man who presided over an "a current affair" team who got away with the death of one of their victims because technically it was a suicide. Who's defense was. "He deserved it because he was ripping off customers." Judge, jury and executioner.

    So the poor bastard got the death sentence and all he did was short change someone.

  • Senator Oink Alston
    Senator Oink Alston
    The man (Actually sub human life form) of whome the register calls. "The biggest Luddite in history." A particularly short sighted federal senator who is hell bent on killing the net so that his rich, media mogle cronies can dictate the information we consume just like they currently do on radio and television. He was obviously given the telecommunications portfolio because he was the only member of cabinet who once personally used a telephone.
  • On the job. Fucking the country.
    One of the liberals in action. And the voters seem to love the attention.
    • A close likeness of Brian Harradine
      Brain Harradine
      This is just a close likeness of Brian Harradine. A man who, due to a personal crusade as a religious nutter, will see the death of the net and free speech in Australia. If he can possibly help it. He seems to think that just because he's such a child, everyone else should be as well.
      NOTE: this is just a temporary picture until we can find one of brian. Although the nose is smaller and there are no glasses, this is allegedly pretty much what he looks like.
    • Howard. Who's hobbies include trying to fuck All 18 million Australian citizens if he can.
      Oink Howard
      A man who, with his bunch of merry arseholes are hell bent on fucking Australia and all of it's citizens up the arse for their own amusement. Example: His close friend, the now retired senator Peter Reith, tried to screw the workers by employing solders to destroy their rights and their jobs. His work place reforms are nothing more than a union busting exercise which have already seen the rights of workers go out the window. Rights which took decades of campagning to achieve. It's pretty obvious that if this bloke had his way, your children would all be forced to work in coal mines again. The previous minister for social welfair's idea of fun was to announce that she was going to force all disabled people to work for their entitlements. A kind of sit up and beg freak show for the masses otherwise you don't eat.
      Their GST (Goods and services tax) and all the baggage that goes with it, has seen poor people in Australia so disadvantaged it has created a fourth under class of poverty. Well at least some biggoted dumb-assed white folk will find out what it's really like to be aboriginal I guess. These people are pure evil.
    A note for people living in the real world:
    Australia, being on the underside of the planet is generally considerd to be upside down. Our political system is no different. When we refer to "Liberals" we are actually referring to the conservitives. Go figure? These clueless, big headed mother fuckers are anything but "Liberal". Except with their rich bloated cronies. The Liberal's mandate is simple. Help the rich get richer. The only thing that matters to these people is money. Your money in their pockets. They are fond of referring to anyone who opposes them as being "Un-Australian." However nothing could be more "Un-Australian" than this group of compassionless vampires. The more intricate details of our political system are beyond the scope here but needless to say it is rigged in favor of these limp dicks so that even though they get less than half the primary vote, they usually gain power anyway. This is not categorized as "Corruption" because it's officially sanctioned in our political system. Once again, Go figure!